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"Inanimate objects, do you have a soul? "

 Obviously, Emmanuelle Toché, founder of the French brand AFKliving, has endorsed the thought of the poet Lamartine. For the designer, it is impossible not to integrate her passions for art, travel and her own emotions into the decorative objects she chooses to publish.

Whether for carpets - flagship product - cushions, baskets, wall decors, seasonal objects and collections, AFKliving favour the purity, vector of elegance, and simplicity, vector of sweetness. Including within Art for Kids, the children's division of the brand, as much appreciated by toddlers ... as their parents.

Associated with environmentally friendly materials and a warm design, the details of its products - graphism, small pompom and other embroidery - give pride to the creation. The house spirit "blends into the scandinavian Hygge movement that focuses on comfort, cocoon, family and well-being."
Almost a philosophy of life ! All at affordable prices.

This way of life is reflected naturally at the level of the collaborations of the brand. Both with the designers who work with it as well as carefully selected manufacturers (in Belgium, France, India) considered as true partners. "Strong relationships are built over time. Mutual respect and a non-confrontational approach are totally compatible with a high professional requirement. "In particular with regard to ethics. Whatever the country where the products are made, the working conditions and production non-toxic inks, etc.) are subject to quality controls.



Emmanuelle Toché has always evolved in an artistic environment. The branches of her family tree are hung by painters, musicians and ardent collectors of carpets.  "Teenage girl, I wanted to create, draw, be an artist! ". A little girl's dream that she will not forget. In the first part of his professional life, Emmanuelle is moving towards marketing and communication, embracing, for fifteen years, a career in large companies around the world. She lives in Asia, India, the United States. Her interest for Art and Creation grew bigger while discovering  local crafts.

 On her return, the Globetrotter discovers a new planet by becoming a mother.  "I wanted softness, simplicity, harmony including the decoration of the house." This change of life prompts her to abandon his former profession  "Thanks to this past experience, I have been able to combine my artistic fiber with the ability to manage a company." Then, she started  creating objects for everybody’s Home.

First goal? The carpets, an inter-generational passion among the Toché! Add a multitude of cushions, baskets for all storage, music mobiles, shelves, wall decoration and other small furniture... A variety of objects to satisfy those who appreciate design and simplicity at the antipodes of the ostentatious.

The sources of her inspiration? Her travels, her penchant for art, design, Scandinavian decor and Paris where she was born. What matter most?  "Wellness, family Cocoon and zero stress."