How to choose the right rug size for your interior ?

How to choose the right rug size for your interior ?

One of the most important questions you should ask yourself before you start to look for rugs is: “What size of rug do I need for each room in the house?”

Whether you buy a rug first and use it as an inspiration for the room, or buy the rug last as the basis for all the elements of the room, choosing the right size is the first thing to do. When it is in the right size, it provides a well-balanced room.

Don’t forget that your rug is the anchor and the foundation of your space, so the proportion is very important!

The size and disposition of the rug in a living room

Should I run the carpet under the sofa or in front of it? Everyone is asking themselves this question. You can choose either of these two options. But in both cases, you must make sure that the length of the rug covers at least the length of the sofa.

Once you have made your choice, try to visualize a frame in the middle of the floor of your room (you can materialize this frame with paint adhesive or newspaper, so you will have a good overview of the area covered by your future rug).

You must then determine the size of this frame and whether you want to put all your chairs on it or outside this frame. This will help you determine the ideal width of your carpet.

Medium sized rooms are more efficiently structured when the rug passes under the sofa and exits at the sides. This works very well with L-shaped sofas. Since it is a larger piece of furniture, you need to make sure that the rug is as large as the sofa. Usually, a 160×230 size carpet is perfect in this case.

In larger living rooms, it is better to choose a larger rug and put all your furniture on it. Make sure there is enough rug surface behind the furniture for you to walk comfortably. This type of layout creates harmony in the room. You would need a 250×350 mat up to 300×450 to do this. The best option would be to order a custom-made carpet using our AFK Living personalization space.

The dining room rug

To have a beautiful dining room, you must make sure that the chairs are always on the rug when you move them away from the table to sit down. Indeed, it is not very aesthetic to have half of the chair outside the rug.

Here are some important steps to set up your mat in the dining room:

  • Take all the chairs out of the table as if you were going to sit down.
  • Leave them in this position.
  • Measure beyond the location of your chairs.

This way, you will have exactly the right rug size for your dining table. The room will immediately be more beautiful and well organized.

To simplify, these sizes are generally sufficient:

  • A dining table for 6 people would need a 200×250 rug.
  • A dining table for 8 people would need a 220×300 rug.
  • A dining table for 10 people would need a 250×350 rug.

Most dining tables require a round or octagonal carpet from 200 to 250 cm.

With all current dining table sizes, it is best to measure your table and room to get the right rug size. Finding rugs with these measures is sometimes difficult, it would be better to order them with the desired size. You can choose the size and colour of the carpet on this page.

The rug for bedrooms

Adult bedroom

One or more rugs can be laid out in different ways in a bedroom. The most popular is probably the rug placed perpendicular to the bed. It is usually pulled halfway under the bed in front of your bedside tables because it maximizes the usable surface of the rug. This way, you can have your feet on a soft and comfortable surface on waking up.

For a single bed (90 cm x 190 cm) a 120×170 carpet allows you to have 40 cm on each side of the bed and about 80 cm at the end of the bed.

For a two-person bed (160 cm x 200 cm), a 160×230 carpet will give you 35 cm on each side of the bed and 60 cm at the end of your bed. Of course, the rug surface at the end of the bed depends on how close you get the rug to the bedside tables. Ideally, you can simply make sure that your feet fall on it when you get out of bed.

For the baby and child room

For smaller rooms, you can use various types of medium-sized rugs. Be creative. For example, you can put a 100×150 rug on one or both sides of the crib with another 135 x 190 cm rug in front. You could even use a nice round rug to soften the room. The possibilities are endless with the wide variety of children’s rugs available on the AFK Living website.

The kitchen’s rug

Vinyl rugs are perfect for the kitchen. It is also a material that can be used in an outdoor kitchen or patio.

This type of rug will allow you to have a multitude of design possibilities. You can choose different types of patterns depending on the colours of your kitchen. Vinyl rugs are very useful and easy to clean. Vinyl is more comfortable compared to ceramic or tile. It is quite quiet, hygienic and very resistant.

How about a living room carpet in the kitchen?

With the time we spend in the kitchen, it would be normal to have a rug bringing comfort and happiness. Just because a rug is not a “kitchen rug” does not mean it would not be appropriate for this purpose. Our synthetic wool rugs can be both elegant and robust, making them an excellent decorative element in any kitchen. Especially today with the popular trend of open kitchens into living room.

Having a round rug in the centre of a large kitchen can also be an aesthetic and practical alternative. Remember that the larger the space, the more you need to cover it to ensure that the room is well balanced.

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