How to choose the right size carpet for your interior?

Essential question before acquiring a new carpet: “What size do I need for each room in the house?”

Whether you buy the rug first and it becomes the source of your design inspirations for the room, or it is the finishing touch to your decoration, choosing the right size is the first step. When the rug is the right size, it creates a well-balanced room.

A rug is one of the centerpieces of your decoration, so the proportion is very important.

The size and arrangement of the carpet in the living room

Pass the carpet under the sofa or in front? There is no predefined rule, you can choose either of these two options. But in either case, you need to make sure that the length of the rug covers at least the length of the sofa.
Once you have made your choice, try to visualize a frame in the middle of the floor of your room (you can materialize this frame with paint tape or newspaper, so you will have a good idea of ​​the area covered by your future carpet).
You then need to determine the size of this frame and whether you want to put all of your chairs on the carpet or outside of this frame. Thus, you will determine the ideal width of your carpet.
For a standard size living room, we recommend a rug of size 160×230cm.

For a larger living room, a 200×290 size rug is a good option.

Finally, if you have a very large space to decorate, you can cover it with several staggered rugs, respecting the harmony of the colors.

You can also order
a custom-made carpet.

What size rug for the dining room?

To have a nice dining room, you have to make sure that the chairs are always on the carpet when you move them away from the table to sit on. Indeed, it is not very aesthetic to have half of the chair outside the carpet.

To determine the size of your dining room rug:

  • Move all the chairs around the table as if you were going to sit down.
  • Leave them in this position.
  • Measure the space created by this arrangement of chairs. These measurements tell you what size rug to buy.
  • For example, a dining table for 6 to 8 people will generally need a 200×290 cm carpet.

Which rug for bedrooms:

1. The adult bedroom

The carpet can be arranged in different ways in a bedroom. The most popular is undoubtedly the carpet placed perpendicular to the bed. It is often placed halfway under the bed in front of your nightstands as this maximizes the usable area of ​​the rug. In this way, you can have your feet on a soft and comfortable surface when you wake up.

For a single bed (90 cm x 190 cm), a 120×170 mat allows you to have 40 cm on each side of the bed and about 80 cm at the end of the bed.

For a double bed (160 cm x 200 cm), a 160×230 mat will give you 35 cm on each side of the bed and 60 cm at the end of your bed. Of course, the carpet area at the end of the bed depends on how close you put the carpet to the nightstands. Ideally, you can just make sure your feet fall on it when you get out of bed.

2. For the baby and child's room

For children's rooms, be creative, everything is allowed as long as the colors remain in harmony with the style of the room. For example, you can put an 80 x 150 cm carpet down the bedside on one or both sides of the children's bed or even a larger 120 x 170 cm or 135 x 190 cm carpet to create a comfortable play area as the children pass lots of time sitting on the floor playing. You can also choose a round rug to soften the room. The possibilities are endless!

How about a rug in the kitchen?

Today we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, kitchens open to the living room are also very popular. It is interesting to put a carpet there, bringing comfort and a decorative touch. Our flat woven rugs for indoors and outdoors are both elegant, robust and very easy to maintain, thus becoming an excellent decorative element for the kitchen.