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Non-woven wallpaper Vintage

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A wallpaper original and design to create a unique decoration at home.



This French-made wallpaper will give a personality to your interior. Easy to apply directly on the wall. Wall surface covered by this model: For a standard ceiling height (less than or equal to 2,4 m), a roll of this reference allows you to apply 4 strips, covering 1.92 m linear to the wall. Beyond 2.4 m in height, a roll of this reference allows you to ask 3-band, covering 1.44 m linear to the wall. Installation The installation is done by simple gluing of the wall. A notice of installation is included. Ensure that the surface is smooth and clean in order for the paper to adhere properly. Choose where you would like to hang the design with a plumb line or a spirit level, draw a vertical line on the wall. This gives you a straight edge from which to line up your unique wall. Using a brush or roller, apply a generous amount of all purpose wallpaper adhesive to the wall, and ensure that the pasted area is slightly wider than the feature wall. If you get paste on the future wall, simply remove it immediately with a damp sponge. Slide the wall covering into position, aligning the edge with the vertical marketed line. If necessary, trim the bottom of the image with a sharps scissors or craft knife. Adjust the strips to match one to another. Smooth down with a brush or a damp sponge. The product is strippable and washable.

Size : 48 x 1000 cm
Color : Blue
Material : 100% non-woven wallpaper - 150 g
Care instructions : Les traces s'enlèvent à l’éponge en évitant de gratter fort pour ne pas abimer le papier. Pour la dépose
Feature 1 : Can be connected with itself
Feature 2 : Delivered with its installation instructions
Feature 3 : Easy to install, easy to remove
Made in : France
What's in the box ? : 1 Tube 50cm x 8cm x 8cm